There are some questions that we are frequently asked.  Here’s how Glenn Selig answers them:

Have you landed clients on the network morning shows, i.e. NBC’s Today and ABC’s Good Morning America?
Glenn: Yes, we have.  We’ve landed clients on every morning show. It’s not easy to do. The bigger the show, the stiffer the competition. We can make sure you get considered. But we can’t guarantee the segment producers will book you for the show.  (View our clients in the news.) I should add that we’ve been interviewed a lot by network, local and print to offer PR expertise on stories. I think that says an awful lot about our Agency and the work that we do. (Check out: Agency in the News.)

How can you guarantee that my story will be considered by the morning shows, syndicated talk shows or cable news networks?
Glenn: This is where having connections makes all the difference. As you can imagine, the more popular the show, the more people angling for attention.  We typically know the people at these shows personally so we can break through to make sure your story gets to the right people and receives utmost consideration. But there are many factors that go into landing a booking.  Sometimes the show may have recently done a similar segment or the program just isn’t interested.

Another publicist and her PR firm told me she could guarantee me placement on a network show.  Can you do the same?
Glenn: I’d suggest you get it in writing. Unless you’ve got one heck of a story to tell that I know is a sure thing, I can’t guarantee anyone any show. But I will use my connections to make sure the powers that be carefully consider your story to see if the fit is right. We’ll make sure producers carefully consider you. But it’s their decision whether to book you on the show.  Breaking through is the battle to win.

Is there a contract involved with hiring your Agency?
Glenn: Yes. Generally they run a minimum of six months.  We have many clients who’ve been with us for years.

Will you operate as spokesperson for our company as part of your services?
Glenn: Yes. We do that for several of our clients.

Your Agency has been involved with some high-profile, controversial cases. Why are you willing to get involved with something like that?
Glenn: We firmly believe that in this country you should be considered innocent until proven guilty. We do not believe that the media has the right to convict anyone of anything. Police and prosecutors have been wrong. And just because someone appears guilty, does not mean that they are. In those cases, we get involved only when we are then able to go in and deal with the media and do what we can to get our client or clients a fair shake in the media. We manage the crisis. If it becomes clear that the targets of the media coverage do not want to follow our advice or they have different motives, we bow out. We have no interest in being involved in a circus. And, yes, that has happened.  We approach everything with the highest level of ethics.

Do you represent companies overseas and anywhere in the U.S.?
Glenn:  Yes, location of the individual or business is not an issue for us. We have done business with companies and/or individuals in China, Dubai, U.A.E. and routinely with many in Canada. We do business all across the United States.

What about communication? Shouldn’t I hire a PR firm located near me?
Glenn: We have become adept at using tools like Skype, Facetime and Fuze Meeting to hold video conference calls. Plus there’s the phone and, of course, there are airplanes! The reality is, it is not necessary to have frequent face-to-face meetings with us; it is vital to have regular and ongoing communication.  In reality, it is best to hire the best PR firm and location, in my opinion, should not be among the biggest considerations.  It should be about reputation and success.

I’ve read about you landing clients book and movie deals. Could you do that for me?
Glenn: Yes, it is true. We have done exactly that. We have also been involved in reality show programming. But we only get involved in that world when it’s related to a client who’s a news maker–someone who’s been thrust into the spotlight–or involved with something explosive that would make it a spectacular situation. Such was the case for Rod Blagojevich, the former governor of Illinois; Gary Faulkner, the Osama bin Laden hunter and Drew Peterson, the former Bolingbrook, Ill. police sergeant.

Do you only deal with companies or individuals that want the major talk shows and newspapers? Because I want to go after the trade papers and some niche programs.
Glenn: Absolutely. Some topics lend themselves better to a particular market rather than a general interest program like Today or the New York Times.

Would you represent anybody? If not, what criteria do you use in selecting clients?
Glenn: No. We only represent clients whom we feel we can successfully land publicity. We’re not about taking money. If we don’t think you have a marketable book, idea or business–or we don’t believe we can effectively help you achieve your goals, we won’t accept you as a client. Another reason we may pass is because we already represent a client similar to what you do or offer. We don’t want our clients competing against one other for publicity. We want to push for a client 100%, not 50% of the time.

Do you ever just write or distribute press releases?
Glenn: I would suggest you contact PR NewsChannel, the press release distribution company owned and operated by the same parent company as The Publicity Agency. That is what they do there and they’re quite good at it, so I am really happy to make the recommendation.

What makes your Agency different?
Glenn: The Publicity Agency is a PR firm staffed by former journalists and professionals with a PR background. We are a staff of varying ages, experience, gender and race.  We are diverse.  But we all understand news and PR, sometimes in a slightly different way because we see things from a different prism.  Internally we brainstorm, discuss and plan with impeccable precision and detail.

Why choose The Publicity Agency?
Glenn: Because we are good at what we do and have had tremendous success.  Our reputation means everything to us.  So please:  don’t simply take our word for it–ask around.

You have a presence in Los Angeles and Chicago, but why did you headquarter the company in Tampa?
Glenn: I love that question and we get asked that a lot. We dedicated a whole page tanswering this question!