Mission And Ethics Statement


We believe in honesty and there is no agency which places a greater importance on ethics.  In all that we do, we commit to performing our duties with the highest ethical standards.

When companies or individuals seek publicity and the limelight, and we agree to support that effort, we are tenacious.

Overall, our mission is to provide outstanding service, to exceed expectations and to over-deliver on results. We believe that failure is never an option.


We embrace unique and controversial public relations situations.

We believe strongly that those who are accused of wrongdoing are entitled to a vigorous defense in the court of public opinion because the media have no right to act as judge and jury. We are unwavering in our beliefs in the Sixth Amendment and the right to a fair trial.

We have no interest in just promoting popular or populist positions; in fact we embrace controversial or unpopular subject matters. And we believe that being involved in respectful but spirited debate is a healthy and good thing. Because there is rarely a topic or subject matter that gets universal support, we do not allow personal “feelings” to factor into whether we get involved.


In crisis situations, our aim is to be steady and bring relief, control and direction.