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Expertise: Crisis management, media relations, media training, public relations strategy, chief strategist

Glenn Selig (pronounced Sell-ig), is the strategist-in-chief at The Agency. He is an award-winning former TV news anchor and investigative reporter who enjoyed a successful 20-year career in news before starting The Publicity Agency (TPA) in early 2007.  Since then, Glenn and The Agency have been involved with some of the biggest crisis management PR cases in the U.S. and many notable, national publicity campaigns.

Glenn is president and CEO of Selig Multimedia, Inc., TPA’s parent company, which he established.  In a relative short time, the corporation has grown into a powerful force in public relations. The company also owns and operates PR NewsChannel, a competitive, aggressive and affordable news release distribution company.


Glenn Selig, founder & chief strategist

Glenn is a noted crisis management expert, frequently called on by network and cable news networks, radio stations and print publications nationwide for his expert PR opinion  on news events. Glenn has been sought out by ABC News, TV Guide, CNN, CBC News, Agence French Presse, Hollywood Life, local news and many others. He is also a popular public speaker at business conferences and media events.

Glenn Selig has been called the “PR guru” by CNN’s Nancy Grace,  “one of America’s leading PR experts by ITV Network’s Good Morning Britain (UK)and described as one of the best in the PR business by Fox News Channel.

Glenn is hands on.  He is the architect and chief strategist of crisis management and publicity campaigns.  He is lead publicist, and as such, is actively engaged in every campaign.

»Award-winning former journalist

»Sought by top news outlets for expert PR opinion

»Well connected to news decision-makers

»Experienced in representing news makers


Glenn Selig on ITV Network’s ‘Good Morning Britain’ program (Jan 06, 2015)

Glenn has been in the middle of the some of the biggest news stories: sometimes in front of the camera defending clients in the court of public opinion; sometimes quietly behind the scenes pulling the strings and calling the shots; sometimes among a team of people offering strategy advice on major crisis situations.

He regularly deals with network news programs, top reporters from newspapers and magazines and has an iPhone (switched from BlackBerry) filled with contacts other PR people would love to possess.

He personally knows some of the biggest names in news and news gathering.  And he’s not afraid to call on or leverage those contacts.

And in the legal world, though Glenn is not an attorney, we joke at the office that he often plays one on TV.  He has vast experience dealing with legal situations and working with legal teams.  He understands the law and understands how it impacts the court of public opinion and vice versa.


Glenn Selig tangles with Nancy Grace on CNN.

Glenn has also been the architect of publicity campaigns for successful product launches, including the current campaign launch of UNTHINK social media, a rival to Facebook.

As an entrepreneur himself, he understands what’s involved in building a company and starting a business.

He has been involved in numerous campaigns that were designed to boost company awareness for business professionals or create, shift brand awareness, including one for Hillel Academy, a Tampa private school.

Even as a young child, Glenn appeared to be destined for a career centered around news. He  would write letters to family and sign them “Glenn Selig, News Staff.”

Glenn knows news and is now putting his news smarts to work for individuals and businesses worldwide by helping them get free publicity in newspapers, magazines, television and radio and navigate aggressive news coverage in crisis management situations.

After getting the “scoops” for years in the news business, Glenn is using his skills in crisis management situations and utilizing his story-telling skills to design publicity campaigns that help companies put their best forward, grab attention and gain FREE publicity.

Glenn is happily married and is a father to a daughter and son. He is actively involved in the community, serving on boards including the Florida Museum of Photographic Arts (FMoPA) located in the heart of downtown Tampa.

Glenn counts himself among the early adopters of social media recognizing its role and application in public relations.

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Office: (813) 708-1220 x7777
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