Crisis Management

In the courtroom, you need a good lawyer.  In the court of public opinion, you need The Publicity Agency.

When confronted with bad news or a crisis, it’s critical that companies and individuals manage the crisis so they are in control–and not the events.  

That’s what The Agency makes happen. We’re PR counsel.

Without help, the crisis manages you and you spiral out of control and you’re playing catch up, or worse, drowning.

More often than not, if your company is confronting a crisis, you’re getting bombarded with media inquiries for interviews.

In extreme cases, news organizations may even be camped outside your business or your home waiting to catch a glimpse of you or your employees for a visual or to do an ambush interview.

And in the social media age, you may find yourself in need of crisis management PR because you are under siege by Tweeters or being attacked by rogue Facebook users.

The Agency has a wealth of experience dealing with both U.S. and international crisis management.

In fact, when the news media needs an expert to speak with to opine on PR crises, they call us! (Check out the Agency in the News section.)

Whether you’re in Tampa, Chicago. Los Angeles or anyplace in between, Glenn and his team can help you manage the crisis and the media.

The Publicity Agency is a unique PR firm.  We are experienced in crisis management PR that we often call “breaking news public relations.”  In fact, we’ve been involved in many of the biggest news stories over the last five years.

We know the news business from the inside out.

»Experienced in dealing with local and national programs, media outlets

»Well-known, respected by news decision-makers

»Involved in some of the biggest national, local news stories

»Proven track record managing a news, PR crisis

And especially in high-profile cases, and with a client’s blessing, Glenn and The Agency will go to bat for you on TV, as Glenn did for Rod Blagojevich, the former governor of Illinois:

We plan strategy, create messaging, intercede and deal with media phone calls.

We negotiate interviews, handle news conferences, explore exclusive interviews, and deal with network producers and bookers.

We also identify ALL the audiences affected by the news and develop messaging for each.

Glenn and his team know the media outlets and their respective representatives well and, in fact, talk with them on a regular basis. As you well know, personal relationships make a huge difference in any business.

The Agency protects your image and reputation when it’s under attack.

The Publicity Agency has the experience, proven track record and calming demeanor to help navigate your crisis.

When you’re with The Publicity Agency, you’ve got a strong ally on your side. We provide an aggressive defense in the court of public opinion.

The Agency understands how to manage news coverage when people or businesses become targets of the news media or unexpectedly find themselves in the glare of the media spotlight.

The Agency regularly works with attorneys–and some of the best in the legal world. The Agency understands that any PR moves must be weighed against legal ramifications whether the crisis involves a person or a brand. The Agency is easy to work with and knows how to play on a team–whether it involves leading or playing a support position.

Whether it’s related or separate, understanding and depth of knowledge is critical when it comes to crisis management in the virtual world, i.e. on the Internet. We help businesses and individuals control their reputations online. It is getting increasingly difficult to maintain an image online, especially when it comes under attack.

The Publicity Agency founder Glenn Selig defends client Rod Blagojevich, former governor of Illinois, on Fox News Chicago.

The Publicity Agency is uniquely qualified and has successfully fended off online attacks and protected online images.

Take the case of former governor of Illinois, Rod Blagojevich.  When he was first arrested in 2008, 99% of the public believed he was corrupt and was guilty of selling the president’s former U.S. Senate seat.

We began working with the former governor to restore his image shortly after the arrest… he did more than a hundred national and international interviews.  When your reputation is under attack, and people are saying things about you that are simply false, you don’t sit back and take it.  And he didn’t.  He did the modern day equivalent of standing on a mountaintop and shouting ‘I did not do these things!’

He also wrote a book, became a highly sought after keynote speaker, invited guest for events and NBC selected him to star in two NBC reality shows.  Even to this day, he is mobbed in crowds with people seeking his autograph and shake his hand.

He clearly won the battle in the court of public opinion. It’s his reputation and legacy that is so important to him and his family.

When we first started working with Drew Peterson, the former Bolingbrook, Ill. police sergeant accused in the disappearance of his wife Stacy, he had been recorded on TV acting strangely, bizarrely. The public and the media began forming their opinions based on that and began to believe he did it–even before he was even arrested.

The former police officer talks exclusively to TODAY’s Matt Lauer and maintains he had nothing to do with the death or disappearance of his wives.

We began working with Drew and his criminal defense attorney Joel Brodsky on measures to undo some of that damage. With the idea that quirky does not mean guilty, we embarked on an aggressive media campaign to introduce people to Drew Peterson. Not just the strange Drew, but to Drew the decorated former officer and hostage negotiator and Drew the incredible father. Drew did a national interview with Matt Lauer on NBC’s TODAY show and even sat down with DR. PHIL.  He also did interviews with others including The Associated Press (AP).

Gary Faulkner became a household name overnight when he was arrested and jailed in Pakistan for trying to capture Osama bin Laden. When he was freed and returned to America, we worked with Gary. We got him on ABC’s THE VIEW, LATE SHOW with DAVID LETTERMAN and CBS NEWS’ THE EARLY SHOW. He also interviewed with GQ magazine and THE SUNDAY TIMES of London.

Crisis management PR is in demand today and it pays for companies and individuals to have the best team in place when a crisis arises. The Publicity Agency represents ordinary people who find themselves at the center of big news stories.

We also represent criminal defendants and those under criminal investigation. The 24-hour news cycle and round-the-clock-cable-coverage has spawned a feeding frenzy on big news stories. Just ask former Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich, who is a client of this public relations firm. When he was ready to tell his side of the story, we made sure the world heard it. Since then, we’ve helped him land a six-figure book deal and opportunities with NBC Entertainment and elsewhere. We are involved every step of the way in guiding his public image and making sure his voice is heard.