Crisis Management Expert

Your the focus of the news. You need help. And you need it fast. You need a crisis management expert.

When the stakes are high and your business and reputation are on the line, you need to turn the news around… quickly. And you need the best money can buy. That’s where Glenn Selig (pronounced Sell-ig), a nationally recognized crisis management expert comes in.

Glenn has been the crisis management expert of choice for crisis outbreaks in California, Florida, Illinois and Montreal–just to name a few.

Thought home-based in Tampa, Fla., Glenn goes to wherever the crisis happens.

Glenn has been the crisis management expert of choice for Rod Blagojevich, the former governor of Illinois; Canadian philanthropist and businessman Yank Barry; philanthropist and serial entrepreneur Elliott Broidyin Beverly Hills, Calf.; and countless other individuals and businesses across the world.

When clients need Glenn, he responds quickly and can usually be on the ground within 12-24 hours… or even less… because news doesn’t wait.

When you retain Glenn, you get an experienced and stellar support team–a team that makes it possible for Glenn to execute effective crisis management strategies.

Oh, and one more thing, Glenn has the stamp of approval from local, national and international media outlets–in fact they call on Glenn to offer his opinion when they need an expert to comment.

If you are in need of a crisis management expert, please call the Agency’s main office at (813) 948-PROS (7767). If you need Glenn right away, please call his cell at (813) 300-5454 or email his directly at