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Tuesday, Dec. 8, 2009
University of Chicago bookstore
970 East 58th Street
on Ellis Ave. and 58th St.-Chicago
Web site: http://uchicago.bncollege.com

Wednesday, Dec. 16, 2009
After 7:00pm-following Cinema Slapdown event
Film Row Cinema
1104 S. Wabash Ave, 8th floor
Web site: http://www.colum.edu/academics/Film_and_Video/Events.php

'The Governor' (Sept. 2009)
Rod's first book, 'The Governor,' provides the most comprehensive look to date at the life of a twice-elected public official in the notoriously complicated world of Illinois politics.

In 'The Governor,' Rod takes a tour through the segregated neighborhoods of Chicago, a city of great ethnic diversity to see firsthand how those divides can evolve into cabals that rival anything found on the national political scene.

Rod takes readers from when he is awakened early one morning –his young daughter sleeping peacefully beside him – and is unceremoniously arrested by FBI agents without knowing the charges being brought against him. He takes readers with him as he feels the harsh glare of the spotlight, the media whirlwind already staking out his home and family, rushing to judgment before even he knows what crimes he’d been accused of committing.

He takes readers through the maze of political conspiracies that threaten to unseat and impeach the governor of the fifth largest state in the U.S. –forces brought to light by the ambition of an attorney general and the greed of her Democratic State Party Chairman father –as well as the zeal of a federal prosecutor and the manipulations of a disloyal lieutenant governor.

The behind-the-scenes workings to fill the Senate seat vacated by the most popular President-elect in decades becomes something much more incendiary when wiretapped conversations are used by authorities to commit the arrest. But, as the governor soon learns, those tapes are not allowed to be played at his impeachment hearings in the Illinois House or Senate. What is on those tapes? And why will the prosecution not let them be heard if they were the primary factor in initiating the arrest that started this political scandal in the first place?

Quoting from sources as diverse as Jim Wallis’ God’s Politics to Aeschylus , Shakespeare to The Purpose Driven Life, 'The Governor' provides not just an inside look at politics on a state and national level but a treatise on the proper place of government in the everyday lives of its people.

It is a mandate for health care reform, which the governor feels is the civil rights issue of our lifetime. It is a clarion cry, remarkably, against cynicism in modern governing and a return to a more thoughtful and informed sense of government that views its state budgets as “moral documents.” It is a lament against the current state of the political landscape, one that too often is wracked by scandal and interwoven with a media-driven culture obsessed with scandal and snap judgments.

And it is a proclamation that one man will not be silenced, that his side of the story must be heard and that the fight for American liberties and freedom must sometimes occur within its own borders.

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'The Governor'
'The Governor' (Buy Now! from Amazon.com) provides the most comprehensive look to date at the life of a twice-elected public official in the notoriously complicated world of Illinois politics.
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